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Pre-Kindergarten Class


Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten!

The objective of the St. John pre-k is to prepare children spiritually, emotionally, socially, and academically for kindergarten in a positive and Christian environment.

The curriculum in pre-kindergarten is SAXON Early Learning for academics and One In Christ for religion.  The class focuses on one letter per week throughout the school year;  all of the art projects and academic worksheets each week relate to that letter. In addition to our letter of the week your children will also practice:

Writing and recognition of capital and lower case letters

Spelling and writing names

Phonic/Learning letter sounds and blending

Patterns and sequencing

Pre-addition and pre-subtraction activities

Problem solving


Development of fine motor skills through the use of scissors and other activities

Prekindergarten News Letter: Each week parents receive a newsletter with information of what will be taught that week and of any special activities.

Morning Procedures: When parents and children arrive to class in the morning, parents help their children hang their backpacks in their cubbies, place their folders in the basket and wash their hands. Then students "sign in" at the writing center in the morning attendance journal. After unpacking, they may play with the table top toys that are on the tables or choose to look at a book in the reading center until the official school day begins.   Some centers are closed during arrival time.

School Day: Pre-k students are engaged in both "free choice" and "organized" learning activities.  They are instructed as a whole class, in small groups and individually.  Classroom centers are incorporated into a large part of the day.  The students have daily outside playtime (as weather permits), a daily rest/nap time and both morning and afternoon snack time. 

End of the Day Dismissal: Parents are encouraged to dedicate the first 10 minutes after pickup directly to their child. We ask that parents are not on their phones during that time. We hope parents take the time to ask their child what they did that day in school and who they played with.